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Frequently Asked Questions

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How will the bi-weekly and maintenance fee payment will be managed?

We are putting all payments on hold beginning Apr 6 until we open again and all the payments that have been charged from Mar 21st until now will be adjusted as a credit to your membership when we open again.

I want to cancel my membership. How can I do that?

All cancellations will take place at the re-opening of the facility. Members will also have an option to get a gym credit for the duration of the closure.

Will I get a refund for all the payments if I want to cancel my membership during the closure period?

Members who want to cancel their memberships during closure will be able to process their cancellation after the reopening of the facility and the payments that were charged during the closure will be adjusted in the mandatory 1 month notice of cancellation.

Why am I getting charged when the gym is closed?

The facility was originally scheduled to re-open on Apr 1st however due to the ongoing circumstances, all payments are being put on hold and charged payments will be credited as gym credit for the duration of the closure.

When will the gym re-open?

Cave Athletics is working with the city of Delta to plan a re-opening date for our delta location. Our team wants to ensure all necessary safety measures and precautions are followed before welcoming all our guests as well as members back into the facility. We request and appreciate your support and patience amid these unprecedented times. We will be posting our opening date online with ample notice once approval from the city has been received.

More FAQs

How can I sign up for a membership?

There are two ways to signup:

  • First way is to sign up online. After signing up online, you can collect your keyfob for 24/7 access from our office anytime during the office hours. Click here to sign up online.
  • Another way is to sign up in the office during our office hours(24hrs Weekdays. 8am-12pm Weekends).

How much does a membership costs?

You can find the prices of the memberships on our membership plans page where we have our full cost and bi-weekly memberships listed or you can contact us via phone or email.

How can I sign up to get personal training or boxing training/classes?

Visit our office during the office hours(24hrs: Weekdays, 8am-12pm: Weekends) where our customer service representative will help you or contact us to book an appointment to sign up for personal training.

Will I get a diet plan if I get personal training?

Yes, diet plan is included in all packages of personal training. Diet guidance and workouts are tailored according to the body types and needs of each client. Click here to know more about personal training.

How can I cancel my membership?

All memberships require a signed and management authorzied 30 days notice of cancellation from your next billing cycle done in person at our head office. You can cancel your membership in our office during the office hours(24hrs: Weekends, 8am-12pm: Weekends)

Is there any cancellation fees?

No, there's no cancellation fee. At the time of approved cancellation you must pay for the 30 days notice period from your next billing cycle.